Yes Electric is a locally owned, family-run business with over 25 years of electrical experience. Clean – Professional – Accurate Pricing – Expert Workmanship.

If you ask someone what paradise looks like you will often hear a description of what sounds like home to us. As residents along Florida’s East Coast we experience some of the most beautiful living. While rain is an expected occurrence, sometimes it is a mixed blessing. All too often, our rain comes in the form of thunderstorms capable of producing lightning and heavy downpours. This coupled with potential hurricanes can literally leave you in the dark. Let Yes Electric protect your family, home and/or business in providing the following:

  • Generators
  • Lightning Protection
  • Service conversion from overhead to underground   (not as susceptible to wind and debris-blown damage)
  • If you already have underground service in need of repair. “YES” we can fix that too!    (some incentive programs available as a direct benefit to help reduce cost)
  • Bucket Truck Services


For sales, services or questions, please call us at 386-427-5687.

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